Thursday, March 18, 2010

Título: Secrets of a Shoe Addict

"What happens in Vegas doesn't necessarily stay in Vegas. That is what three housewives learn the hard way. Abbey Walsh has the perfect life married to a wonderful clergyman. But during a PTA trip to Las Vegas, she is reacquainted with someone she has tried to forget about for years. Now this man is blackmailing her. If her husband learns the truth about her past, she is ruined, and her husband, too, will be ruined. All she has to do is pay Damon $10,000 for a stolen necklace she kept after he was imprisoned. But how will she get that kind of money? Loreen Murphy is in a similar conundrum. After spending a night of passion with an attractive man, she later discovers that he is a male prostitute. He wants his money -- now. So she pays him $1,000. Depressed, she loses an additional $4,000 at the casinos. If this weren't bad enough, she mistakenly uses the PTA credit card. Now she has to pay $5,000 before the PTA find out. What will this about-to-become a divorcee do? Tiffany Vanderslice has been married since she was very young. Her husband is a total jerk, and becoming a mother to two beautiful children hasn't helped improve things. Charlie is almost meticulous about the spending, and when Tiffany indulges in a silly shopping spree, she later discovers that her over the top purchases are nonrefundable. Now she is stuck with a $5,000 dollar credit card bill. How will she cover such a big expense without employment? These three friends have one big thing in common now, and only one person could save them. In comes Sandra Vanderslice, Tiffany's younger sister, and shoe addict who is making it big with her own shoe business. She shares a big secret to these women, the perfect way to make fast, easy money -- becoming phone sex operators." in

Classificação: (1-5)

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